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2012 Schedule

L KC  14 v. Chicago Force 21
W KC  33 v. St. Louis Slam 14
W KC  95 @ Tulsa Threat 0
W KC   67 v. KC Spartans 6 
W KC 13 @ Minn 0*
W KC  53 v. Neb Stampede 6
W KC 83 @ KC Spartans 0
W KC 63 @ St. Louis Slam 42
W    KC  42 v. St. Louis Slam 17+
7/7 KC  @ Dallas Diamonds+
7/21   Conference Championship
8/4   National Championship

*game called in 1st due to weather
+Play-off Game


Welcome to the Home of the Kansas City Tribe
Tribe Wins Battle of KC 67-6
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The Tribe opened the game kicking off to the cross town rival Spartans.  The kick sailed out of bounds and the Spartans started on their own 40 yard lnie.  The Tribe defense forced a three and out.  After no return on the punt, the Tribe offense took the field on its own 29 yartd line.  Jenny Schmidt immediately found Lara Guscott on a 7 yard out.  Larisha Graves took the hand-off on the following play, but she was stripped of the football and the Spartans recovered on the Tribe 39 yard line.

The Spartans advanced the ball to the 27, but were once again forced to punt.  Despite a bad snap, the punt sailed to the 10 yard line where the Tribe once again took over with 9:10 remaining in the first quarter.  Schmidt found Guscott a second time for an 18 yard gain.  Graves carried for short yardage, but a 15 yard penalty took the Tribe to the 45 yard line.  Schmidt then connected with Graves out of the backfield for a six yard gain, advancing into Spartan territory.  Graves added another short run, then Schmidt threw to Guscott for a 28 yard gain which took the Tribe to the 18 yard line.  Once again the Spartan defense came up big, forcing a second fumble and subsequent recovery.

The Tribe defense responded, leading to another three and out.  A short punt placed the Tribe offense on the Spartan 25 yard line.  Schmidt scrambled for 20 yards on the quarteback keeper, and then threw a quick strike to Liz Sowers for the five yard touchdown.  A bad snap led to an attempted two-point conversion, which failed.  The Tribe led 6-0 with 3:23 remaining in the initial period.

Another three and out by the Spartans produced a punt to the Tribe 38.  Liz Sowers returned one yard to the 39 where the Tribe offense retook the field.  Graves advanced the ball 23 yards to end the first quarter. The second period started with Schmidt finding Courtney Hampton for six yards, but a deflected pass to Katie Sowers resulted in Schmidt's first interception of the year, and the Spartans took the field at their own 22 yard line.

Cindel Harris forced a fumble, but the Spartans recovered the ball.  The series stil resulted in another Spartan punt, this one sailing to the Tribe 29 yard line.  The Tribe offense failed to get in rhythm and after failing to convert on third down, returned the ball to the Spartans via a Schmidt punt to the 48 yard line.  The Spartans strung together a series of runs, capped off by a 42 yard touchdown run by tailback, Lisa McCrary.  Magdalen Obiefule blocked the PAT, and the score stood at 6-6 with 8:13 remaining in the half.

After a penalty forced a re-kick, Katie Sowers returned the ball 10 yards to the Spartan 47.  The subsequent series combined runs by Graves and completions between Schmidt and Liz Sowers, finally culminating in a 25 yard TD pass to Lis Sowers.  Katie Sowers connected with Liz Sowers for the two-point conversion, and the Tribe took the lead at 14-6 with 6:07 left in the second period.

The Spartans offense started at their own 44 yard line.  After advancing the ball into Tribe territory, Leslie Gent forced a fumble, which the Tribe recovered at its own 36.  A short Graves run led to a quick pass to Liz Sowers, who took the ball 60 yards for the score.  The kick sailed wide right, and the Tribe led 20-6 with just under four minutes in the first half.

The Tribe defense forced yet another Spartan punt, which Guscott returned 11 yards to the 31.  Schmidt found Greaves for a quick screen pass. The Spartan defense forced a fumble, but the Tribe recovered at the the Spartan 47.Schmidt connected with Katie Sowers en route to a 25 yard pass to Guscott for the touchdown.  Shell added the extra point, and the Tribe increased its lead to 26-6 with 41 seconds remaining in the second quarter.

Juanita Moten forced a fumble on the ensuing Spartan drive and Megan Franco recovered at the Spartan 35 yard line.  Schmidt found Katie Sowers for a 17 yard completion, followed by a 18 yard touchdown pass to Liz Sowers.  Shell split the uprights and the Tribe took a 34-6 lead into the halftime break.

The second half opened with a 13 yard kick-off return by Mindy White just into Spartan territory.  Graves made quick work of the series, going for 49 yards on the initial play for the TD.  The point after went wide left, and the Tribe led 40-6 40 seconds into the third quarter.  The Tribe defense continued to swarm to the ball and forced another punt after three plays.  A bad snap led to a partial block, and the Tribe offense took the field at the 14 yard line.  This time, Schmidt connected with Guscottt for the score.  Shell added the point after for a 47-6 Tribe lead.

After another Spartan punt, the Tribe offense took the field at its own 45.  A short Graves run, followed by a 34 yard pass to Guscott advanced the ball to the 18 yard line.  Schmidt hit Katie Sowers back-to-back for a 16 yard gain, and then two yards for the score.  Another Shell PAT resulted in a 54-6 lead for the Tribe with 8:23 left in the third quarter.

A Spartans fumble led to a Tribe recovery in the Spartan redzone.  Schmidt connected with Hampton for the 14 yard touchdown.  A bad snap led to a failed two-point attempt, and the scoreboard read 60-6 with just under 5:00 to go in the third period.  The Tribe defense produced another Spartan punt, which Hampton returned 31 yards to the Spartan nine yard line.  The Spartan defense made a big stop and the Tribe returned the ball after failing to score.  The ball once again changed hands after a Spartan punt to the 31.

Katie Sowers entered the game at QB, and quickly ran for a 31 yard touchdown on a keeper.  After the extra point, the Tribe increased its lead to 67-6 with 8:17 remaining in the game.  The teams continued to trade possessions, and the Battle of KC ended in 67-6 victory for the Tribe. 

Defensively, linebackers Magdalen Obiefule and Mindy White led the charge with 10 tackles each.  Defensive end, Cindel Harris added 7.5, with a sack and a forced fumble, and Megan Franco and Katie Sowers contributed seven each.

The Tribe has its first bye of the season, May 12th, followed by a road game against the Minnesota Machine, who sits atop the Division 10 standings.

Tribe Improves to 2-1 with 95-0 Victory over Tulsa Threat
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The Tribe opened the game kicking off to the Tulsa Threat.  The Threat failed to recover the ball, and Tiffany Cartwright secured the ball, giving the Tribe offense its initial possession at the Tulsa 31 yard line.  Jenny Scmidt quickly found Lara Guscott in the flat for a 28 yard gain to give Kansas City first and goal from the three.  The hand off to Larisha Graves resulted in a quick score.  The PAT attempt was no good, however, and the Tribe led 6-0 less than two minutes into the game.

The ensuing kick-off traveled out of bounds, and the Threat offense started at the 35 yard line.  After a quick three and out, the punt landed out of bounds at the Tribe 47.  Graves carried for 11 yards, and then Schmidt connected with Courtney Hampton, fresh off injured reserve, for her first touchdown of the season, a 42 yard completion.  Shell added the point after to make the score 13-0.  The Tribe offense forced another three and out, and Guscott returned the punt 17 yards, to the Tulsa 36 yard line.

Schmidt found Liz Sowers down the seam for what appeared to be another score, but the touchdown was called back for an illegal person downfield. Not to be denied, the Tribe made quick work on the following play, as Schmidt once again threw to Hampton, this time for a 41 yard score.  The two point conversion was no good, and the Tribe led 19-0 midway through the initial quarter.

Shell pinned the Threat at its own 12 yard line on the kick-off, but a long run advanced the ball to the 41.  A 10 yard completion and a Tribe penalty moved the football into Tribe territory to the 44 yard line.  However, Megan Franco made a tackle for a loss, followed by a 10 yard sack by Cindel Harris.  The Threat attempted to punt, but a bad snap resulted in the Tribe offense taking over at the Tulsa 25 yard line.

It was de ja vu, as another Schmidt/Liz Sowers touchdown was called back for a Tribe penalty.  Once again, the Tribe answered with a Graves 11 yard run, a 10 yard completion from Schmidt to Mindy White to make it first and goal from the eight.  Schmidt found Liz Sowers once again for the TD.  This time, the score stood.  Shell connected on the point after and the Tribe led 26-0 with 2:42 remaining in the first period.  A third three and out by the Tribe defense resulted in a Tulsa punt, which Liz Sowers returned for 22 yards, to put the Tribe offense in the redzone. Schmidt quickly connected with Liz Sowers for the 20 yard touchdown pass up the seam.  Shell added the PAT, and the Tribe extended its lead to 33-0.

A Linzi Weilert sack and forced fumble, which the Threat recovered, highlighted the Tribe's next defensive series as the quarter ended.  The second period opened with another Tulsa punt, which Liz Sowers returned to the 42 yard line.  The Tribe mixed passing and running plays to advance to the 25 yard line, where Graves made her way into the endzone for the touchdown.  Shell added another point, to make the score 40-0.

Tulsa showed some life on the next drive, conecting on a 10 yard pass to make the 4th down conversion, and move into Tribe territory.  However, a bad snap led to a fumble recovery by Graves and the Tribe offense took the field once again.  Tiara Burns took the backfield and made a five yard gain to set up a 45 yard pass from Schmidt to Katie Sowers for the TD.  Graves added a two point conversion to extend the Tribe's lead to 48-0.

Tulsa once again pieced together a 30 yard drive, finding themselves in Tribe territory, but failed to convert, and the Tribe offense took over on down on its own 44.  Graves busted through the line for a 38 yard gain just inside the redzone.  Schmidt found Tiffany Cartwright for an eight yard gain, and then hit Liz Sowers on a quick slant pattern for the 10 yard touchdown.  Shell's kick sailed through the uprights and Kansas City led 55-0 midway through the second quarter.

The Tribe defense once again forced a Threat punt from their own 25, and the offense retook the field at the Threat 44 yard line.  After a short Burns gain, Tribe penalties resulted in another deleted score, this time from Schmidt to Lara Guscott.  The is led to a Guscott fumble at the 12 yard line, recovered by Tulsa.  The Threat's possession was short lived, however, as the KC defense forced a fumble on the initial play and recovered possession for the Tribe.  Schimdt threw a 12 yard strike to Guscott on thr intiial play of the drive, Shell made the extra point, and KC led 62-0.On the next series, Megan Franco and Harris teamed for another defensive sack, followed by a tackle for a loss, which led to a Threat third and long. Jasmine Kingcannon picked off the third down pass and returned it 33 yards to the endzone.  The PAT was no good, and the Tribe took a 68-0 lead into halftime.

Tulsa kicked off to Kansas City to open the second half.  The kick traveled out of bounds, and the Tribe offense took the field at its own 35.  The drive opened with Graves dragging the better part of the Threat squad nine yards to the 44.  Schmidt's QB keeper advanced another eight yards, followed by an 18 yard completion to Katie Sowers.  Burns added a 10 yard run, but penalties forced the Tribe into ultimately punting the ball.  After Schmidt's touchback, the Threat took possession at its own 20.

The Tribe defense forced another three and out, but a bad snap on the punt led to the Tribe offense taking the field at the 22 yard line.  The Tribe added a bad snap of its own to move the ball back to the 34.  Schmidt then found Kingcannon across the middle for a 14 yard gain, followed by a 20 yard TD pass to Guscott.  Shell's point after increased the lead to 75-0.

The Tribe recovered the muffed kick-off at the 25 yard line, and Schmidt quickly connected with Mindy White for a 25 yard touchdown.  Shell once again split the uprights to make the score 82-0 and end the third quarter.

The Tulsa offense started at the 21 yard line after Shell's kick-off.  The drive stalled out as Jasmine Kingcannon once again intercepted the pass and returned the ball 34 yards for her second "pick six" of the night.  Shell failed to connect on the point after, and the score stood at 88-0.  Cindel Harris recovered the kick-off, and the Tribe offense took the field one last time, with Katie Sowers at the helm.

Rookie Melissa Dimmitt and Sowers ran in tandem to advance the ball to the eight yard line, before Dimmitt's run was called back for illegal procedure.  After a short loss on an option play, Katie Sowers connected with Liz Sowers for a 14 yard touchdown.  Shell's point after led to a final score of 95-0.

Magdalen Obiefule led the Tribe defense with a team leading 13.5 tackles, three for a loss and one sack.  Mindy White added eight tackles. Rookies Megan Franco (seven tackles, four for a loss and one sack) and Cindel Harris (six tackles, three for a loss and two sacks) contributed to the defensive shut out with great performances as well.

Join us on May 5th for the Battle of KC as we take on our cross town, and divisional rival, the KC Spartans at Center High School.  Kick-off 5:00.

Tribe Defeats Slam 33-14 to Win the Show Me Showdown
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Cierra Childress opened the game with an eight yard return to the 26 yard line.  Jenny Schmidt found Larisha Graves for a 20 yard gain to the 46 yard line.  However, a bad snap forced the Tribe into a punting situation.  Schmidt booted the ball 44 yards, and the Slam offense took over at its own 21 yard line.  A combination of running plays, including quarterback keeps led St. Louis to the 13 yard line where Kate Evers connected with a Slam receiver for a 13 yard touchdown.  The PAT was good and the Slam led 7-0 with 7:32 remaining in the first quarter.

Childress returned the ensuing kick-off 44 yards to the Slam 35 yard line, and the Tribe offense went to work.  A series of runs by Larisha Graves resulted in fourth down an six.  Schmidt connected with Liz Sowers for a 12 yard gain to the 19 yard line.  Schmidt then hit Graves for a six yard pass, followed by a five yard pass to Mindy White to move the chains and make it first and goal.  Graves ran the ball in the endzone for a nine yard TD.  Sweeten failed to connect on the extra point, and the Tribe trailed by a point with 3:26 remaining in the initial quarter.

Defensive end, Cindel Harris, produced three straight tackles, one for a loss of three yards, to seemingly force a Slam punt.  Quarterback Evers faked the punt, but the Tribe defense stopped her for no gain, and the offense took over on downs on the St. Louis 46.  The offense could not get in a rhythm and went three and out.  Schmidt punted the ball to the 24 yard line.

After a short gain, the Tribe defense made three stops and the Slam booted the ball to the Tribe 10 yard line.  Schmidt connected with Lara Guscott, Katie Sowers, Mindy White and Larisha Graves to advance the ball past mid-field to the Slam 35 yard line.  The drive finished with a four yard completion from Schmidt to Liz Sowers in the endzone.  However, the Tribe failed to make the two point conversion, and led 12-7 with 6:59 remaining in the half.

The Tribe defense again forced a St. Louis punt, and after a touchback, Kansas City retook possession with just over five minutes remaining in the second period.  After an incomplete pass, Schmidt scrambled 30 yards to advance past the 50 yard line.  Graves added a short run before Schmidt connected with Guscott for a 44 yard score.  Amanda Shell added the extra point, making the score 19-7 with 3:19 remaining in the half.

St. Louis managed to advance the ball past mid-field before Katie Sowers picked off Evers.  Schmidt once again used her arsenal of receivers to quickly advance the ball before once again finding Guscott across the middle for another 44 yard TD pass.  Shell added the PAT and the Tribe led 26-7 with seven seconds remaining before halftime.  After receiving the kick-off, the Slam took a knee to end the quarter.

Kansas City kicked off the ball to start the third quarter.  The Slam offense advanced the ball to the one yard line before a false start moved them back to the six.  Evers once again managed to find a receiver in the endzone.  After the extra point, the score read 26-14 Tribe, with 11:54 remaining in the third period.  

Both teams exchanged punts to wind down the third quarter.  The fourth quarter started with more of the same, until a series of runs by Graves took Kansas City to the St. Louis 26 yard line, where Schmidt connected with Liz Sowers for the score.  Shell added the point after to make the score 33-14.  The Slam failed to convert on its next possession and the Tribe offense ran the clock out to finish the game.

Linebackers, Magdalen Obiefule and Mindy White, led the defensive charge with 12 tackles each.  Katie Sowers added eight.

The Tribe improved to 1-1 overall and 1-0 in division play.  Next week the team travels to Tulsa, Oklahoma to take on the Tulsa Threat.

Tribe Falls to Force 21-14
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Things got off to a great start with Lara Guscott returning the opening kick-off 35 yards to the Chicago 46 yard line.  Quarterback Jenny Schmidt followed with a quick first down after completions to Liz Sowers and Guscott.  The drive stalled after a bad snap led to a loss of five yards, and the Tribe failed to convert on 4th down.  Chicago methodically drove down the field, taking nearly eight minutes off the clock, and capped things off with a two yard Melissa Smith run for the score.  The extra point attempt was no good, and the Tribe trailed 0-6 with 5:46 remaining in the initial quarter.

The Tribe quickly answered when Guscott returned another beauty, this time amassing 28 yards.  Schmidt ran the quarteback keeper to add 8, and then connected with running back Larisha Graves for a 30 yard TD.  Amanda Shell added the extra point, and the Tribe led 7-6 with just over 2 minutes remaining in the first quarter.

Chicago again marched down the field with a series of rugby style runs, this time ending the scoring drive on a three yard run by Brandy Hatcher.  The Force also converted for two points, leading the Tribe 14-7 with 13:17 remaining in the second period.  The Tribe offense took the field on its own 10 yard line after the kick-off rolled to the two.  Melissa Piper took the pitch after Schmidt kept the ball on an option play.  She ran 69 yards to the Chicago 21 yard line before being tackled by defenders.  After two failed passing attempts, Schmidt found Katie Sowers across the middle for a 13 yard gain for first and goal from the eight.  Schmidt then connected with Liz Sowers in the endzone on a slant pattern for the score, but the play was called back for a questionable off-sides penalty on Sowers.  A string of broken plays resulted in the Tribe failing to convert from the 25 yard line, and Chicago took over on downs with 9:10 remaining in the first half.

The Force drove the ball to the Tribe 11 yard line, where the Tribe defense produced a big stop on 4th down.  After a short gain by Graves, Schmidt was eventually sacked on the one yard line, and the Tribe punted from its own endzone.  Schmidt's punt traveled 25 yards, and the Chicago offense once again took the field.  The Force's possession was short lived, as Leslie Gent picked off Sami Grisafe's pass (one of only two on the day) at the seven yard line.  Despite competing three of the four passes in the drive, time expired on the Tribe, and the score remained 7-14 going into the half.

The Tribe kicked off to the Force to start the second half.  After a no gain return, the Force offense took the field at the 50 yard line.  A series of runs, which took more than half the quarter, advanced the ball to the eight yard line where Grisafe hit Ashley Berggren for a screen pass, which resulted in another Force score.  The PAT was good, and the Force moved ahead 21-7 with 7:25 remaining in the third quarter.

Melissa Piper returned the kick-off 15 yards to the 37 yard line.  Schmidt advanced the ball past mid-field with a 14 yard gain, and after a pass interference penalty, the Tribe had the ball on the Force 20.  Once again, Kansas City failed to score in the redzone, and turned the ball over on downs at the Force 15.  

The Force used another clock eating drive to advance the ball to the Tribe 11 yard line, where once again, the defense held on the attempted fourth down.  The Tribe offense went back to work, starting with a five yard gain by Graves.  Schmidt then connected with Katie Sowers on a 17 yard pass, Guscott for five, and then Graves for 13.  Another short pass to Graves, followed by a Graves run took the Tribe into Force territory once more.  Schmidt connected with Liz Sowers on back-to-back plays, finishing with a 10 yard pass for the touchdown.  Shell connected on the PAT, and the Tribe trailed 14-21 with 1:52 remaining.

The Tribe was unable to regain possession of the ball, as the attempted on-side kick traveled out of bounds.  The Force manufactured one additional first down, and then ran out the clock. 

Middle linebacker, Magdalen Obiefule led the Tribe defense with 11 tackles.  Mindy White added 10, and Katie Sowers finished with 9.

Thank you to all our fans for your support.  Please join us next weekend for our first division game against the St. Louis Slam, a perennial play-off contender.

2012 KC Tribe
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