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L KC  14 v. Chicago Force 21
W KC  33 v. St. Louis Slam 14
W KC  95 @ Tulsa Threat 0
W KC   67 v. KC Spartans 6 
W KC 13 @ Minn 0*
W KC  53 v. Neb Stampede 6
W KC 83 @ KC Spartans 0
W KC 63 @ St. Louis Slam 42
W    KC  42 v. St. Louis Slam 17+
7/7 KC  @ Dallas Diamonds+
7/21   Conference Championship
8/4   National Championship

*game called in 1st due to weather
+Play-off Game


Tribe Secures Post Season Berth After 83-0 Victory over Spartans
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The Tribe defeated its divisional rival, the KC Spartans 83-0 this past Saturday to secure a post season berth.  The Tribe kicked off to the Spartans to start the game.  After a booming kick and short return, the Spartans started with the ball at their own 13 yard line.  The Tribe defense forced a three and out and the Spartans punted the ball from deep within their own territory.  Mindy White fielded the short punt at the 30 yard line where the Tribe offense took over.  Jenny Schmidt made short work of the drive as she completed the intial play for a 30 yard touchdown pass to Lara Guscott.  Amanda Shell added the extra point and the Tribe led 7-0 just two minutes into the game.

Another long kick-off by Shell resulted in the Spartans starting their drive at the 7 yard line.  The initial run by Lisa McCreary resulted in a loss and the Spartans were backed up inside the five.  McCreary attempted an end around run on the following play, but was tackled in the endzone by Jasmine Kingcannon, giving the Tribe an 8-0 lead with the safety.  This led to a free kick by the Spartans from the 20, which Liz Sowers returned to the Spartans 35 yard line, where the Tribe offense took over.  Schmidt connected with Courtney Hampton for a 14 yard gain, followed by a 16 yard run by Larisha Graves, taking the Tribe to the 5 yard line with a first and goal.  Schmidt found Hampton in the front corner of the endzone for the five yard TD.  Shell added the PAT, making the score 16-0 with 12:13 remaining in the first quarter.

The Tribe's special team unit once again produced excellent field position, pushing the Spartan offense back inside the 10 yard line.  After making a first down, the Spartans fumbled the all on a pitch, and Linzi Weilert recovered for the Tribe.  The offense once again took the field in Spartan territory, this time starting at the 32.  After a first down illegal procedure penalty backed the Tribe up, Schmidt quickly found Liz Sowers down the sideline for the 37 yard score.  Shell split the uprights, and the Tribe led 23-0 with just over 10 minutes remaining in the intial period.

Shell's ensuing kick-off sailed out of bounds, giving the Spartan offense the ball at the 35 yard line.  The Tribe D forced another Spartan punt on first down, and an unlucky bounced returned the ball to the line of scrimmage.  The Tribe offense started its drive at the Spartan 36 yard line.  Schmidt completed a first down pass to White, and then Graves took over the series, advancing the ball three times in a row, and finishing off with a one yard TD run.  Shell connected on the PAT, giving the Tribe a 30-0 lead with just over six minutes remaining in the first quarter.

After starting at their own 35 yard line, the Spartans put together a series of runs to advance the ball into Tribe territory before the Tribe defense forced the punt.  After no return, the Tribe offense started its drive from its own 12 yard line.  A 31 yard completion to Guscott across the middle of the field set up a 56 yard touchdown run by Sowers the first play of the second quarter.  Sowers then completed the two point conversion pass to White, making the score 38-0.

Lindsay Downs recovered the Spartans fumbled kick-off return, and the Tribe offense retook the field at the Spartan 38 yard line. The possession was short lived as Guscott tip toed down the sideline, taking a short completion to the endzone.  Shell added the point after, and the Tribe led 45-0 with 14:19 remaining in the first half.

The defense came up big once again, forcing another Spartan fumble, which Tiffany Cartwright recovered.  Graves took the hand-off 29 yards for the touchdown on the first play of the drive.  After Shell's extra point, the Tribe increased the lead to 52-0.  The Spartans failed to field the subsequent kick-off, and the Tribe offense again took the field at the Spartan 32 yard line.  A bad snap on the first play led to a second and 25 from the 42 yard line.  However, a 17 yard completion to Sowers, followed by a 20 yard completion to Juanita Moten, resulted in another Tribe TD.  Shell added the point after, and the score stood at 59-0 with 12:10 remaining in the half.

The Spartans once again fumbled the kick-off, leading to a Tribe recovery, and another offensive possession from the Spartan 44 yard line.  A 28 yard Graves run placed the Tribe on the one yard line with a first and goal, but another bad snap led to the Spartans recovering the ball at the Tribe seven.  However, the Tribe defense forced another three and out, which led to a Spartan punt from the endzone, and the Tribe resumed possession at the 25 yard line.  Schmidt completed an 11 yard pass to White, and then a 19 yard TD pass to Sowers (after the prior 14 yard pass was called back for an illegal player down field). Shell's point after resulted in a 66-0 Tribe lead with 7:23 remaining in the second quarter.

Another fumbled pitch by the Spartans resulted in Graves recovering the ball at the 30 yard line.  A quick pass to Hampton led to another Tribe score as she dodged the Spartan defense down the sideline.  After Shell's PAT, the Tribe led 73-0 with 5:53 to go in the first half.

The Spartans once again made it into Tribe territory, but ultimately had to punt.  The ball sailed into the endzone.  After the touchback, the Tribe took a knee through the series to go into halftime.

The Tribe received the ball to start the second half of play with a running clock.  White returned tke kick-off 13 yards to the 49 yard line.  Liz Sowers took her first snap as the Tribe signal caller and eventually completed a 44 yard pass to Kingcannon to take the Tribe to the four yard line after a Spartan penalty.  The Tribe settled for its fist field goal of the season as Shell connected for the 25 yarder, increasing the lead to 76-0.

The Tribe defense forced another Spartan punt, but Cierra Childerss fumbled the kick, and the Spartans recovered in the Tribe redzone.  The Tribe defense held firm however, and the Spartans turned the ball over on downs to end the third quarter.  The Tribe offense failed to convert, and punted the ball 37 yards to its 38 yard line where the Spartans took over.

The Spartans punted once again, but Hampton returned the kick 71 yards for the touchdown. Shell added the extra point, making the score 83-0 with 7:00 remaining in the game.  The teams traded possessions a final time before time expired.

The 6-1 Tribe are on the road this weekend against the 5-2 St. Louis Slam for the Division Championship, and a first round bye in the post season.  Kick-off is at 7:00 p.m. at Oakville High School, located at 5557 Milburn, St. Louis, MO.

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