Upcoming Dates

 2013 Tryouts
September 22nd
1-3 p.m.

 Center H.S.
8715 Holmes Rd


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2012 Schedule

L KC  14 v. Chicago Force 21
W KC  33 v. St. Louis Slam 14
W KC  95 @ Tulsa Threat 0
W KC   67 v. KC Spartans 6 
W KC 13 @ Minn 0*
W KC  53 v. Neb Stampede 6
W KC 83 @ KC Spartans 0
W KC 63 @ St. Louis Slam 42
W    KC  42 v. St. Louis Slam 17+
7/7 KC  @ Dallas Diamonds+
7/21   Conference Championship
8/4   National Championship

*game called in 1st due to weather
+Play-off Game


Phil Huntley
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coach philLinebackers

Coach Huntley is entering into his 10th year of coaching football.  He is a native of Charlotte, NC where he played baseball and basketball in high school, and went on to attend N.C. A&T where he played baseball.  He currently runs a football organization in Olathe which has produced two back-to-back championship undefeated seasons.  He is also Midwest VP of recruiting for 2xchampsports.com, which is a high school recruiting service.  Coach Phil runs KC Got Speed, LLC, which is a speed and agility organization that has worked with over 50 college athletes and countless numbers of high school and middle school athletes.  This is Coach Huntley's first year coaching with the Kansas City Tribe.


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