Upcoming Dates

 2013 Tryouts
September 22nd
1-3 p.m.

 Center H.S.
8715 Holmes Rd


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2012 Schedule

L KC  14 v. Chicago Force 21
W KC  33 v. St. Louis Slam 14
W KC  95 @ Tulsa Threat 0
W KC   67 v. KC Spartans 6 
W KC 13 @ Minn 0*
W KC  53 v. Neb Stampede 6
W KC 83 @ KC Spartans 0
W KC 63 @ St. Louis Slam 42
W    KC  42 v. St. Louis Slam 17+
7/7 KC  @ Dallas Diamonds+
7/21   Conference Championship
8/4   National Championship

*game called in 1st due to weather
+Play-off Game


KC Tribe A Part of History
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EXETER, CA --- In an unprecedented panorama of unity, the most successful franchises in
women's football havecome together for one collective platform. For the first time in
history, the best teams in the sport now reside under one umbrella: The Women's Football
Alliance. This development takes effect immediately and will exhibit for the 2011 season
beginning inApril. Joining teams include: Bay Area Bandits, Boston Militia, Chicago Force,
Dallas Diamonds, DC Divas, Kansas City Tribe, New York Sharks,Pittsburgh Passion, and the
San Diego Surge. They will accompany current top WFA teams such as the Philadelphia
Liberty Belles, Lone Star Mustangs, St. Louis Slam, and the West Michigan Mayhem.

Both on and off the field, these organizations exemplify the mostflourishing women's
football operations, victorious records, business growth, and marketing exposure of the
last decade. 11 National Championships. 14 Conference Titles. 30 Division Championships.
28 members of the Gold-Medal winning Team USA. 12 philanthropic youth programs. 5
Governor, Mayor, and City Council declarations. 4 feature films. 3 history museum exhibits
and Hall of Fame inductions. 1 Emmy Award nomination. Over 8,250 community events
for charity. Cumulative media exhibition on NBC Sports, ESPN, Fox Sports, ABC, CNN, CBS,
Comcast Sports, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, and Sports
Illustrated in addition to thousands of publications in every major metropolitan region.

In the preceding decade women's football has been segmented into multiple leagues,
fragmenting the highest talent pool and separating the resources required to move the
sport forward. This 2011 unification and landmark growth structure echoes that of Women's
Basketball and Women's Tennis. In addition to delivering fans the most competitive match-ups
seen to date, this is an imperative threshold to creating a sustainable and blossoming future
for the sport.

"This is an exciting time for women's football and the WFA. With 62 teams across the country
working together for a common goal, there is nothing we cannot accomplish.  We are looking
forward to one of the most competitive seasons in women’s football history," said Jeff King,
WFA President.

The Women's Football Alliance is a full-contact American football league comprised of 62 teams
across the United States and Mexico. From Florida to Oregon and from New England to
California, the WFA is the largest and fastest growing league in America.

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